6 Important Stages of the Web Site Design and Development Procedures:

Great web architecture and development activities are important if you want a website that looks after the consumer and meets their requirements.Development of a website is going on a lot from work. From receiving initial information, developing your website, and finally maintaining your website to keep it up-to-date and updated.Website design and development is divided into six basic phases with a lot of work in the middle. The next step is the means you need to experience when planning a website:

Information Collection:

This is the website design & development’s most significant stage.The main stage of website development is to collect data, i.e. to analyze the needs and specifications of customers also known as the “Discovery Phase.”In this stage, The creator describes the perspective of the customer in the paper. Within the discovery section, it is necessary to know the purpose of creating a website, it is also important to understand the purpose of the website, which targets the audience you would like to create, what kind of content can your audience look for?These factors are very useful to determine at the basic level of website design.


“Great website is the result of great planning” is what we’re thinking about. We first placed together a plan using the data collected from stage one.We are developing the website sitemap in this stage. In addition, together with all the main topic fields of your internet site, we will generate an in-depth sitemap similar to sub-topics.Here we choose the website’s menus, content & navigation scheme.This provides us with a guidance on what material will be on the website and is fundamental to constructing a reliable, simple navigation system. This is also the point where we choose what innovations should be updated – contact structures, custom post types, specific modules, etc.Here, we have a tendency to decide the menus, contents for the web site.

Website design:

This is the website design creative stage.This is often the part in which designers place their heart and soul. Also, communication plays a serious role here. The website design determines how well your audience will communicate and behave to the information provided by the website. Children’s websites look very different from a company website.

Implementing/Website Development:

This is the place the useful site itself is created. So far you have the data, the plan and the layout. Development is that the stage wherever the web site involves life.The site engineer will utilize different projects and programming to coordinate the components of the web architecture into a completely functional website.A development stage is also known as ‘ implementing stage ‘ after design. Now, this is often the section wherever your actual web site starts its implementation. The development stage is also very important for the design of the website. Here, we have a tendency to integrate all the data that we have a tendency to had collected from initial phases. Here you’ll finish creating info, logic & real programming.

Testing & Delivery:

After the implementation of the project is completed, For ease of use, clarity, security and stability, we plan to take a closer look at your website.If any problems are identified, they will be fully resolved before your website goes live.We also review compatibility with browsers as well as software.We make sure that the recent versions of all main browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari are correctly Displayed by your site.Upon finishing of the testing phase, we will last present the website for approval and then launch the website for public or private use.

Website maintenance:

Just because internet users upload the website to the internet and make it user-friendly, this doesn’t mean the job is done.You must constantly attract visitors back to your website, which is why periodic maintenance is required. Maintenance implies updating the website’s content & layout.The maintenance facility provided for the company’s limited time, but if the user wishes to extend the service, they will be charged extra for it.

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