9 Epic Destinations to Explore on your Package Holidays Spain

If you are planning package holidays Spain with your friends or family then explore the epic destinations that are mentioned here for a memorable experience.

Plan your package holidays Spain and explore the stunning landscapes, witness the medieval architectural structures, enjoy the mouth-watering food, the rich cultural heritage and so much more. Spain is the sixth-largest country in all of Europe with a population of almost forty-seven million people. Spain is famous for the impressive landmarks, the magnificent churches, stunning beaches, medieval castles and artistic heritage. The beauty, history, culture, art and architecture of the country has greatly contributed to a high rate of tourism which was more than 13.7 million visitors welcomed by Spain in the first half of 2018. Therefore, there is a lot to explore and witness at this holiday destination which is why you must visit it at least once with your loved ones.

Here are some of the most epic destinations that are not very well-known but they are worth your time and visit on your Spain travel.

Visit Costa Brava on your Package Holidays Spain

Costa Brava is located to the north of Barcelona and it offers one of the most captivating views you will come across during your trip. You can sit and relax by the gleaming waters of the Mediterranean, feast your eyes on the beautiful coastline and treat your taste buds with the delightful cuisines available at the surrounding restaurants on your Spain travel.

Ciés Islands

The Ciés islands are one of the most well-preserved sites in the world with a natural beauty that is guaranteed to take your breath away on your Spain travel. This location is full of diverse plant and animal life that has been protected since the 1980s. The views at this destination are quite incomparable because it has a vast land of blue water, white fine sand and dense wildlife all around.

Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares is the perfect place to visit on your package holidays Spain if you are a history enthusiast. This city is located near Madrid and it is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has a rich historical background and provides a glimpse into the reign of the Romans, the Moors and the Catholic Kings. You are guaranteed to love the architecture and the atmosphere of this location.


Binisafúller is the ideal destination to explore on your Spain travel if you want to spend a peaceful time amidst wildlife beauty with your loved ones. This is a small seaside village with a relaxing environment, lack of tourists and no extravagant nightlife or restaurants. However, you are guaranteed to spend a stress-free time on the stunning beaches and in the company of the waves that splash at your feet.

Praia as Catedrais

Praia as Catedrais means, ‘Beach of the Cathedrals’ and it is one of the mandatory places to visit on your package holidays Spain. It is called the beach of cathedrals because of the unusual and naturally formed rock formations on the beach that resemble the archways of a cathedral. These rock formations were formed because of water erosion and they are now a magnificent view to witness, especially when the tide is low.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

The Las Salinas de Torrevieja is one of the most fascinating sights to see when you plan a Spain travel. These are man-made salt lakes that are famous because of the unique and unusual pink colour. The water has high salinity which is why it is not suitable for the survival of various animal and plant species. However, if you wander around the shores you will be mesmerized to see gorgeous pink flamingos and the stunning Spanish wildlife.

Ubeda and Baeza

Ubeda and Baeza are two incredible towns that are the best place to visit on your package holidays Spain if you want to explore the Renaissance architecture in the country. These towns are also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and contain numerous churches, palaces, monasteries and other historical landmarks that are mandatory to visit.

Acros de la Frontera

Acros de la Frontera is an Andalusian town which is known to be one the most beautiful towns in the country because of its remarkable architecture. You must visit this village when you plan a Spain travel because it offers unbelievable and magical views. It is on the edge of a sandstone ridge, it has been classified as a historic and artistic monument and it offers breathtaking views of the valley below with a pretty river that runs through it.


Júzcar is another Andalusian village with blue coloured houses and red roofs and must be visited on your package holidays Spain. It was coloured blue for the promotion of a famous movie but the residents of the village decided to keep this colour because it made Júzcar unique and quite popular.

Key Takeaways!

Spain is a gorgeous holiday destination with stunning landscapes, impressive architectural structures, historical landmarks and a rich cultural heritage. There are destinations and activities in the country that are suitable for families, friends and partners. Therefore, if you are looking for an enriching and memorable experience with your loved ones then explore the most epic destinations mentioned above on your package holidays Spain.

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