A complete guide to video marketing

Video content plays a vital role in enhancing creating brand awareness for your business. Social video offers opportunities for businesses across a plethora of industries.

Video content plays a vital role in enhancing creating brand awareness for your business. Social video offers opportunities for businesses across a plethora of industries.

There are thirteen kinds of video marketing which include:

  1. Brand videos
  2. Explainer videos
  3. Event Videos
  4. Live videos
  5. Disappearing videos
  6. How-to videos
  7. Meno videos
  8. Expert interviews
  9. Personalized messages
  10. Customer testimonial videos
  11. Animated videos
  12. Augmented Reality videos
  13. Virtual reality videos

Tips to start video marketing

As you gain an understanding of the kind of videos which is necessary for growing the business, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for starting video marketing:

Selecting the potential audience

Before creating the video content, you need to understand your potential audience. Hence, it is essential to define the targeted audience clearly. I will be useful to you in tailoring the content, messaging and format of the video for accomplishing the preferences and requirements of the viewers.

Understand what want to achieve

You need to understand why you are going to create the video. Are you planning to enhance sales, enhance brand awareness? Do you want your potential audience to sign up for the mailing list? It is a prerequisite to understanding the motive behind the creation of the videos.

Planning the Video marketing budget

Before you get creative with the video, it is recommended to take a look at the available resources and budget. You need to find whether you have enough funds to hire a professional editor or videographer.

Selecting a kind of video and opt for a unique video marketing idea:

Once you have gained an understanding of your potential audience and the objectives of your video marketing, it is recommended to be creative. You should select a video format that suits the objectives of your business in our case which is Drop-Shipping Company.

Understanding where the publish the video

Now that you have come up with the standard video, you need to figure out where you are going to publish it and tailor the same according to your publishing platform. The platform, you are going to select depends on your potential audience and the video marketing objectives.

Recognized and solve the challenges

Once you have understood how the videos are going to take shape, it is recommended to brainstorm different creative challenges.

Determining how to measure the success of your video

It is a prerequisite to monitor the success of your video so that you can bring an improvement in your future video marketing efforts. If your objective is creating brand awareness, the shares, likes, and views are regarded as an ideal measure of the success of the video.
However, finding these metrics are not sufficient. You need to find out how much of the video is watched by the average viewer and the primary attention point of the end-users.

Craft a compelling video

Once you are prepared, you need to develop the video. In case you are using your mobile phone, you need to make use of self-stick or tripod so that there are no shaky shots.
Editing the videos
After capturing the video, you can opt for either of the video editing programs for editing the videos.

Publishing the videos

You need to optimize the keywords, title, and video description while publishing the videos. You can make use of an attractive title along with relevant hashtags and write the right description, along with the right keywords. Now, you need to publish the video, at the right time on social media platforms.
After this, you require promoting the video across various social media channels for boosting video engagement.

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