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Perks of rental Holiday Accommodation Tokyo – My Tokyo Home

Tokyo the capital of Japan is the world’s most populous metropolis city. The city streets are always busy and filled with tourist throughout the world. The magical city has so much to offer that few here wouldn’t be enough to breathe and taste it all.

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Weekly Rental Tokyo| planning your visit to the land of Cherry Blossoms and making the most of it

Japan not only presents you with a cultural challenge but the Land of Rising Sun also has a reputation for being notoriously expensive. The country is known of its beautiful cherry blossoms and eloquent sights in the National Parks and boasts of the glorious Mount Fuji.

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Reasons To Choose Vacation Rentals Tokyo This Holiday – My Tokyo Home

The trend of renting vacation homes in growing. Gone are the days where people use to pre-book their stay with the luxurious hotels now vacation rentals is more suited as they are just few minutes’ drive from main markets, easy to commute and they are located at the ideal spot to spend your holidays.

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