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Canada is a country full of opportunities for skilled workers. The nation is prosperous and the economy is governed primarily by the service sector. About three-quarters of all the workforce are part of the office assistants. This huge amount of skilled labor has proved insufficient for the Canadian government and, therefore, officials have begun the process of inviting skilled workers outside the country to compensate for the lack of skilled labor in the country. . This arrangement has been at stake since it was created. To prove its worth, all you need is the expertise to work in an international market and meet the standards required by the employer.

This arrangement has been carefully designed so that international students know the international working conditions and also improve their career by leaps and bounds through the international exhibition. The Canadian government grants local employers the freedom to hire or employ foreigners with the skills necessary to work in their organization. The Canada work visa is usually a temporary permit granted to foreign nationals who allow them to serve in the country for a certain period of time.

Program of temporary foreign workers

Under this program, the Canadian government grants permission to employ foreigners with the skills necessary to cover the skills and job shortages in the region. At the same time, the government has established some guidelines for determining the selected income of labor and, therefore, for stopping any excess of people in the country. According to the law, to legally invite a foreigner to work in Canada, an employer must comply with the conditions established by the government. The basic requirement requires that an employer produce an LMO (labor market opinion) in order to hire a foreign citizen and authenticate the requirement of their human resources and skills. Under the temporary work program, an individual can:

a.) Enter Canada

b.) Stay in the field.

c.) I work in the country.

d.) Allows the spouse or spouse and children dependent on the applicant to accompany him / her in the country.

Live in Caregiver: this is another category that the Canadian government has carefully designed to obtain a Canada work visa for home helpers to ensure the comfort of its citizens and at the same time generate job opportunities for aspiring foreigners. Before inviting a person to live in the country, a person must ensure that no other Canadian citizen is available for the position and determine if the person living with the caregiver lives full-time in the employer’s residence. The other factors that must be taken into account when hiring a foreigner are:

a.) The employer has a stable financial capacity to pay and pay the employee

b.) It gives them an acceptable living space at home.

c.) Clearly define the duties for a child, an elderly person and a person with different abilities

d.) File also for the LMO

e.) The person must be qualified and trained according to the rules and regulations established by the government

f.) The employer must not exploit the caregiver beyond the work tasks that have been granted and must also pay absences for sickness and other basic services.

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