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The internet now offers hordes of web design templates and it has become much easier to design your own website than ever before after you have a reliable web host. The world wide web even provides you with guides and tools for web designing. Of course, you need tons of creativity to accomplish the task nicely.

But all of us do not have the skills and the time for website designing. In such a situation, you can hire a professional for Web Design in Oakland to solve your purpose.

Initial consideration

Before you start hiring a web design company, you must understand the difference between a web designer and web developer. A web designer is a person who is responsible for the look and the feel of the website.

The web designer works with the logo and branding, the colors, fonts and the layout of the pages on the web. The designers would arrange the complement, organize the layouts, create calls-to-action so that the web design goals for your website are met.

The web developer, on the other hand, works in alliance with the web designer for mock-ups in order to develop a useful website.

The web developer can customize the template to complement a mock-up or make an entirely different theme. Web developers assist in troubleshooting in case of issues with the website functioning.

Determine what you require

When you need to start selling and taking payments from your site, you may need e-commerce software that has a payment gateway, SSL, accounting software that syncs with Article Submission-1your online shop. Apart from this, you would also need an advanced access for processing of payments and orders.

Such scenarios need special solutions customized specifically for the website. You may need both a web designer and a web developer based on how nicely the functionality gels with the existing design of the website.

When hiring a web designer, you must go through their portfolio thoroughly and see if their style aligns with the kind of look you desire in your website. Take a note of the special colors, styles, fonts and logos used by the designers.

If you are looking for something specific, check whether it reflects in the web designer’s portfolio. Also, make a point to check their reviews and past performance and their years of experience for making a final decision.

While asking for references, tell them to give you references in accordance with your requirements and not just generic ones. Also, find out if revisions are allowed. Cost calculation in the present and in the future have to be considered.

You can find reputable and diligent services for web design in Oakland by visiting IT Wishes.

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