Core Features of 3PL Companies You Can Utilize for Business

3PL logistics or third party logistics companies are believed to be involved in movement and logistics only. These, however, have lot many other things to do besides transportation of goods such as warehouse services.

When you are a manufacturer of goods like food, mobile phones, clothes, furniture and etc. you require a dedicated space for storing raw materials and finished goods. You also need a dedicated logistics provider that can look over the matters of movements of goods and warehousing facilities. The warehouses’ services are expanding their control beyond the movement of the materials and products. Apart from the warehousing, what other important activities these companies perform, let’s find out.

  1. Proper storage of stock and finished goods: The materials are of various types. Some are reactive in nature; others can perish with time. A few others need safer handling due to their value or explosive nature. All such complexities are easily managed by 3PL companies in India that use German material handling the equipment. It helps in safe placing and movement of stock within the warehouse. The other features helpful in storage are:
  • High end racking systems
  • 24 hr camera surveillance
  • Modern storage systems and
  • Fool-proof fire safety system
  1. Operations management: 3PL companies cannot work while remaining aloof from the client’s matters. They need having first-hand information about the production schedule, movement plan, etc. Some companies are involved at a deeper level and offer support in:
  • Production planning: They are involved in the procurement and fulfillment process part of production planning and provide the requisite information for it.
  • Inventory management: The companies take storage orders according to the space available. They, therefore, have direct participation in inventory management.
  • Order processing: Retrieving goods from the racks as per the orders and packing them as per the standards laid down help in achieving customer satisfaction. 3PL companies are involved in dispatch, returns processing, and other matters that involve any aspect of materials handling or movement.
  1. Technology management: The logistics matters have become mechanized with the introduction of software and computerized tools. Technology management entails the support related to:
  • Document management: document templates can be stored digitally. The companies use client-centric documentation tools. They also store firsthand information about the laws related to movements, billing regulations and taxation procedures. All this support makes the documentation part easier to perform and helps avoid delays due to legal hassles too.
  • Warehouse management system: Smart warehousing solutions help in managing inventory, easy movement of goods within the premises and to and fro from it too. E-commerce fulfillment is a specialized process that needs smart solutions for inventory management, order processing, and customer service. All this comes handy with warehouse management system.
  • Security management: Alarming system, entry, and exit logging system, and CCTV camera, digital record maintenance, etc. are some of the security management aspects that come along with the services offered by 3PL companies.
  1. Transport management system: A fleet of all types of vehicles at the destined location is a facility that is offered by the 3PL companies. They are well-conversant with the trans-border laws and regulations pertaining to goods’ movements. They also use technology like GPS, mobile tracking, tagging of vehicles, container allotment and management and transportation through all mediums (air, land, water) depending upon the budget and the requirements of the cargo.

Teamwork and the use of correct expertise can take any business to new heights. The 3PL companies offer specialized support in handling the crux material, which is the goods in a profitable manner. This certainly is not a one man job. Thus, with the help of the 3PL companies,  the manufacturers and suppliers can focus on better aspects of the business as procurement, fulfillment, planning and supervising of materials and goods is completely taken over by these.

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