Guide To Echo Alexa Setup

Getting an Alexa can be a great experience, to begin with. But at the same time, being a completely new technology that has been developed by Amazon it can be daunting to understand at first glance. Alexa Echo is a smart device for your home that responds to your voice commands. It has a lot of functions that it can perform so, we’d like to guide and help you in the process of setup echo alexa and get it running with the following steps

Echo Alexa Setup

Download Alexa App – Step 1

A free application that is compatible with the Alexa will be available to you if you have purchased the device. The app is available on both the app stores for Android and iOS. Going on the app store and download Alexa App on your device would be the first step.

Plugging in your Alexa – Step 2

As Alexa does not require batteries to run, it is the easiest step of the whole process. All you need to do is unbox the Alexa and plug the adapter into the Alexa and plug it into a power outlet. Once the light turns blue on the device, it would ensure that the device is turned on. It will soon turn orange and will greet you.

Connecting to the WI-FI – Step 3

The next step required would be to connect the Alexa to the wifi in your home. The Alexa app downloaded earlier will be able to guide you through the entire process of searching through the networks and connecting the device. Once connected, your Alexa will keep your password saved.

You can begin talking – Step 4

The device is by default set to answer to the name “Alexa”. But. In the case that you might want to change the wake word, you can change it to any word or name you might want. With this, you can try out many different skills and commands with your Alexa and help it learn better at the same time.

With a device like this, there are many things you can begin to use your Alexa for. For any further doubts, you could always reach out for more help and support.

If you still facing error while setup alexa devices on your smart devices, feel free to get Alexa Setup Support from experts on live chat or phone get step by step guide to setup your echo alexa setup, echo dot alexa. Feel free to get help anytime, anywhere.



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