Facebook Video Downloader can change your Net Life!

Make Fb Video Downloader a close ally in getting all your favourite Fb videos downloaded. Then spend hours in watching them offline in peace.

Watching online videos has become a very common leisure time activity with a large section of the world population. They belong to all age groups, not necessarily the teenagers and the youth as some may assume. We have millions and millions of videos to choose from those being constantly uploaded on video sharing platforms.  Facebook was established by Mark Zuckerberg in February of 2004 along with a few of his friends as a social network at Harvard University for use among the students.  Over the years, it has grown phenomenally and today it has become a premier social networking website where users post comments, share photographs and short videos too.

Facebook videos:

Posting of videos on Facebook pages is growing in popularity since nothing captures our attention like good videos. It engages the audience in a more exciting way. These could be uploaded by individuals or by business enterprises to promote their commercial interests. They are generally interesting and informative and you would be tempted to watch them in one go.

However, much as we may like to, it is practically impossible to have access to a reliable and speedy Internet all the time to watch these videos online. Since Facebook has 2 million visitors every month and billions of followers worldwide, the videos made available is huge. Naturally, the better option to watch offline is facilitated with the help off well designed Online video downloader.

The sound way is to download these videos when we can. Then we can watch them   whenever we wish to. Of course, to do this we have to rely on a good Fb Video Downloader.


How Facebook Video downloader works:

Facebook has a dedicated website along with an app for devices and for downloading Fb videos. The process involved is quite simple and involves only 4 or 5 steps.

  • Step 1. Choose the video you wish to download and watch offline.
  • Step 2.Right-click on the video, choose the show video URL option and then copy the link.
  • Step 3.Next paste the video link on the Fb Video Downloader site in the designated box.
  • Step 4: Then click the download button.
  • Step 5: Download and save the video on the device chose. (This is usually saved in the ‘downloads’ folder in Windows and Mac.

A few points to remember while downloading:

  • You will not be able to download certain videos which are protected and not in the public domain. You will notice a lock symbol next to such video links.
  • If you notice a globe icon on the video link, you will able to download it.

We must respect the copyright laws whenever we plan to download such materials. Usually, as long as we are downloading the videos for watching it for personal and non-commercial, it is considered fine.

  • We can download even live videoson Facebooksoon after their streaming is over.
  • Make sure that the Fb video downloader you choose gives you the best results in term of image quality and speed of downloading.
  • Ensure that the Online video Downloader is from a trustworthy source so that risks of malware and virus threats are ruled out.


Downloading the Facebook videos of our choice to watch them offline whenever we like is a great facility we would like to have. All that we need is a good Facebook Video Downloader. Next time a friend sends across a beautiful video via Facebook, you can take it easy. Download it using the right Fb downloader and watch it at your leisure even where you have no access to the Internet.

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