How Formal Branded Shirts Can Make You Look Your Best?

The best formal dresses for men are those offered by top brands. These branded shirts can make you look your best, whatever be the occasion.

Formal shirts

In India, shirts are the most common type of dresses. Even though the shirt is a typical western dress, this is the preferred type of dress for most men, whether at work or at home. Formal shirts are those worn for regular work or special occasions like seminars, office functions, and personal functions like weddings, and parties. The shirt is typically worn with trousers or pants that complement the shirt color and design. For special events, a tie and a coat may be worn along with the shirt. This article is a guide on branded formal shirts for men that can help you look your best. Going through the guide would help you to understand how to select the best shirt that can suit you for all occasions.

Selecting the color and pattern

The first thing you look for while selecting a formal shirt is the color. Formal outfits for men come in different colors. Most prefer white for official work or shades including off-white. Shirts that are uni-color (blue, gray, red, purple, and even pink) are popular. Multiple color options are available in shirts and a man can select any color. While earlier traditional colors were preferred, today bright colors are popular, even while wearing for work. Even check shirts are worn with suits nowadays. When it comes to patterns, striped shirts are very popular as office wear. Checked shirts are also popular and are widely used.


There are various mens formal wear styles and the fabric or material from which the shirt is made helps to create a stylish impact. Cotton is a favorite of most people as it is comfortable and keeps the body cool during summers. Shirts that are made from 100% linen are highly comfortable to wear. Another choice of shirts is that made of silk. This is popular and stylish. However, silk shirts are usually suitable for special occasions and may not be convenient as daily wear. Denim is also accepted formal wear in some organizations. There are a number of blended materials that are available that offer style, fashion, comfort, and convenience together. For example, cotton and lycra is a blend that allows for stretching and can ensure a tight fit. These can be considered while selecting formal shirts.

Other elements

The other elements like the collar type and shape, sleeve (full or half), color and design of buttons, presence of pockets also help to create a good appearance. While selecting a shirt, all these need to be considered to select the best shirt.

Ensuring the perfect fit

While selecting the best formal dresses for men, it is important to ensure that it is a perfect fit. While buying branded shirts, the showroom or store would definitely have a trial room. One must wear the shirt with the matching pant to try it out. The shirt must perfectly fit as follows:

  • The collar must be neither too tight nor loose, it must be possible to insert two fingers into the collar, but not more.
  • The shoulder must fit at the junction of the arm and shoulder. If it doesn’t fit it presents a sagging appearance.
  • The shirt must also fit the torso perfectly. The key is to check for creases or loose folds of the shirt.
  • The sleeves must be a perfect fit with the sleeve stopping just after the wrist, neither too more nor too less.

A perfectly fitted shirt helps you look your best and can present a good appearance. That is the benefit of going with branded shirts as it ensures good quality design and stitching ensuring long-life of the shirt.


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