How to Benefit From Using Customer Records In A Beauty Salon

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A beauty salon is one of the businesses where clients matter the most. You cannot keep switching the clients in the course of time — unless you are ready to shift places too. So, whenever a person visits your salon for a haircut or body massage, they must have the motivation to come back.

Customer Retention, we are talking about here. Without customers who love to come back for more services every month, it would be hard to survive in the beauty salon and spa industry. And, this is exactly where customer records can help.

Records — data, to be precise — will help you make your customers come back. Of course, you should have an effective beauty salon software in the first place. There are a number of ways you can benefit from using Customer Records in a beauty salon, and we’ve covered some below.

#1 Up-to-Date Data Keep Things on Track

The best part about using a salon software for customer records is that you have access to up-to-date data. Of course, you have to train your staff and infrastructure to meet up with these requirements. Every person who visits your salon will be recorded by the data systems.

You will have the essential details such as the name, phone number and how many times they have visited. Tools like Miosalon will also let you link the phone number to a customer account so that further transactions can be made easier. The best part about these tools is that it’s very intuitive to use. Even if you are completely new into software-based salon management, you would not want any introduction.

Provided that you take time for recording everything that happens in the store, the Salon Software would become the centralized hub for all your data. It does not matter whether you are randomly checking the list of customers or looking for active people, everything would be available.

#2 Data Analytics for Enhanced Results

We are now living the age of data and analytics is the first step for improvement here. Through the proper analysis of customer records data, you can know how your beauty salon is performing at many levels. You can, for instance, take the case of visitors’ data. You would know how many people have been visiting your place during the past month or a specific period of time.

And, if you are using a feature-rich solution like Miosalon, you would also have options to get some number predictions based on data. For instance, it can predict the churn, which refers to your customers who are likely to be active. At the same time, you would also have an option to keep an eye on the active set of customers.

There is also something called Service Segments — a feature to know which of your services are trending in the current scenario. This will help you personalize some of the offers and attract more users. That is, if one group of customers prefer massaging-based services, you should launch some offer campaigns for that. At the same time, you can always launch general campaigns too.

#3 Personalizing Customer Relations

Knowing the Customer is an integral part when it comes to growing your business. More importantly, you’d have to know what your customer needs. Along with the conventional customer records, you would also get information on their preferences. That is, if most of your customers don’t seem to avail a particular service at the salon, you can understand it from the records.

This also means that you can personalize your marketing campaigns. Suppose you want to offer some kind of discount to the customers you have. Instead of providing a generic offer to every customer, you can go a bit deeper into this. That is, you can first decide who are the to-be-inactive customers on the list. Depending on their previous transactions and the preferences, you can offer a customized discount coupon or deal.

Thanks to the intuitive User Interface of Miosalon, you have an option to completely customize the message. You can even include their favorite products accordingly. That is, you can gift the customer something that they would really love to avail from your store. As it happens, this is one of the best things about having one beauty parlour software.

#4 Reports for Growth Hacking Ahead

Now that you have clear customer records, it’s easy to create customized reports too. For instance, you may want to know something specific from the scene. Say, do you know how many people joined the membership program during the last month? Or, how about the feedback that you are getting from a to-be-inactive user? All these can help you hack the growth.

For instance, negative feedback from churn-predicted users means that you should really improve what you are offering. Similarly, if people don’t renew the membership program after a year or so, it means you aren’t offering worthy promotions there. If analyzed correctly, these reports are a great way for growth-hacking at the best levels.

Once again, this parlor management software manages to offer all these features to you. In a single click, you can have a detailed as well easy-to-understand report of your customer activities. Thereafter, you can filter the customers based on factors like gender, service, staff, satisfaction level etc. Of course, you can have a clearer understanding of the whole scene at the parlor.

A Word on Integration

There is no doubt that the aforesaid features can change the way you manage your beauty parlor. However, an important aspect here is how integrated these things are. For instance, the feedback from the customer must be integrated with the customer profile so that you can use the filter. Similarly, there must be a way to create customized promotional deals by filtering out the right group of customers.

Obviously, the best method is to get a comprehensive beauty parlor management software like Miosalon. It makes sure that every bit of data is recorded and brought together for your easy access. Be it promotional SMSs or on-time notifications, this tool would not let you down. And, if you are talking about investments that make your business bloom, this is the best to happen right now.

Summing Up

These, we believe, are the best ways to benefit from using a customer records. Indeed, based on the type of data you collect, there are other methods as well. For instance, you can set up a system where the user gets a promotional deal on their birthday. To make this work, however, there should be a way to record the data from the user. Conclusively speaking, if set up nicely, a parlor management software and updated customer records will surely help you boost growth.

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