How to gain weight?

How to gain weight?

In this tumultuous world, the weight loss fables are heavily celebrated as well as documented, but, often the issue on the other part of the fence is ignored and overstated, and that is, how to gain some weight. Isn’t it true? Moreover, this topic is treated and considered as less valuable and a non-issue. Gaining of weight doesn’t mean that your Santa will come down to the earth, jump the big walls, and finally, will feed you the favourite junk foods and beverages. 

Rather, a healthy diet and food are necessary to come out from the health repercussions and to live a peaceful and disease-free life. If dropping or reducing kilos is what you say fashion is all about, then you are sadly mistaken. Don’t be so stubborn regarding your health, and moreover, try not to follow those things what people call a trend. It is important to have a good metabolism in the body, and this cannot be achieved by losing weight. 

In this context, overweight is not at all mentioned or considered because obese people can confront health issues in the future, and moreover, they may feel dull and inactive. So, fasting and junk foods are never going to help you to eliminate the myriad causes for not gaining weight. Here are some tips, which will help you in increasing calories, carbohydrates and fats in the truth. 

Take dry dates and milk regularly in your diet 

No doubt, milk is full of vitamins and nutrients, which further increase the metabolism of the body. Including dry dates in the process will be like an icing on the cake, where you will get enough protein, sugar, niacin as well as thiamine. For wellness of human beings, milk and dry dates are the best options to go with. Dates are rich foods, which will help you in increasing weight and muscles. 

Mango and milk together 

Mangoes are always considered as a favourite fruit of many people. Moreover, this fruit has certainly several benefits for a better health condition, which are not known to many people. It is always advised that individuals can take ripe mango thrice a day. In addition to this, eating mango with a glass of milk is highly beneficial for your health, as milk and mango contain adequate proteins, sugar, carbohydrates, and other necessary vitamins. To increase the mass of your body, mango would be a favourable choice ever. 

Add ghee and butter to your regular breakfast 

Often, people deny taking ghee and butter in the breakfast or lunch because they have fear about the weight gain. Butter, ghee, and peanuts sachets are full of fats, vitamins, and minerals. Adding them in your breakfast will increase the calories in the body, which will result in more mass. Within a few days, you will see the result. 

Replace your morning tea and coffee with a banana shake

It is of no surprise, most of the people love to take tea or coffee early in the morning. Isn’t it? And this is the reason why they cannot gain weight instantly. For instant energy and mass, replace your morning tea with the banana shake. Banana is a highly enriched fruit with lots of vitamins. However, mixing it with the milk will add more benefits to your health, and certainly will put mass and strength in your body. 

Stop frying potato, rather bake them

Fried foods are never regarded as a healthy option for increasing weight. Moreover, if you are boiling the potato regularly to save time, then you are doing a big mistake. During the boiling process, some of the important vitamins and carbohydrates are drained or gets eliminated from the vegetable. So, it would be better, if you will bake or grill the potato with butter, which is no way harmful to the body. 

Dark chocolates 

When it comes to chocolates, people always think twice. Dark chocolates are full of fats, high-calories, and moreover, contain antioxidants. So, if you are interested in gaining mass, then nothing can ever replace the immediate impacts of chocolates. You can easily gain your weight without preferring many options.

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