How to trade on DeltaExchange?

Delta Exchange is biggest trading platform which is trusted by thousand of trader across the globe.This exchange platform rated as the most secure bitcoin exchange platform in todays world.

1.Go to the DeltaExchange website (, If you already registered on our website Click [Login] from the menu and enter your details to log in.
If you are not registered click on sign up button enter your details and then click submit button. After submission a verification link will be send to your email address verify account and then login into your account.

2 Click on the trade menu you will see there graph on the left hand side and BTC, ETH, USAT market on the RHS . If you want to purchase ETH at the current bitcoin price, choose BTC Market and click or you can search in the search box.

3.The display of the transaction on DeltaExchange

⦁ The display of the current trading Pair in 24h volumn.
⦁ The display area of K-Line and Market Depth
⦁ The buy area
⦁ The sell area
⦁ The display of trade history
⦁ The display of my trade history

4.Go to the buy area, refer the token /coin price which is mentioned on buy area , choose a right sale price of ETH and enter the amount , click on the buy ETH button. Now you can finish your purchase. ( Sell ETH is same as buy ETH).

5. default price of order area is the last transaction price. You can choose a market price if you want to make a transaction quickly. Select the market as an order type.

6If the market price of ETH/BTC is 0.3 but you want to buy in 0.2, then you can choose the Limit order type.

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