I am Relocating With Grandparents – Considering the Concerns

I am very concerned about my grandparents. Both of my parents are working therefore, my grandma and grandpa nourished me since my childhood till date. Even now when I am married I am very much attached to them. I cannot think of living far from them. I am much tensed. I job has been transferred to another city. I have to relocate with my family. I have planned to tale my grandparents with me. Now they are week at health because of older age then I will also need to find a maid for them in the new city as my better half is working. She has also found a new job in the Gurgaon city.

Truly speaking, I am not at all concerned about packing and moving of entire belongings. I am sure that professional Packers and Movers Gurgaon will handle the task.  They are expert in packing and moving of all types of goods. One of my friends has recently relocated to Gurgaon. I am very relaxed as he told the company was very good in term of services and facilities. I have already talked with the representative of the company for my date of Gurgaon relocation. They are agrees for undertaking my home move. My major concern is for my grandparents. It will be perhaps difficult for them to adapt the lifestyle of new city. I really don’t want to give them any pains but neither I nor they are ready to live apart. So, we decided to move. They are on medication. So, I have talked to a good doctor for their treatment. A have also coordinated the present physician with the new one to coordinate the treatment in right manner.

I have Maruti 800 which perhaps is not good to travel for long distance, especially for aged people. So, I have hired a luxury car with all required facilities take my grandparents comfortably. I don’t of problems for mom and dad as they are already far from us. They used to visit us once a month. They will still visit us in the same manner.

Now the matters arise for safe shifting of goods. My wife has packed some of the belongings to reduce the cost of move. She has packed clothes of all family members, kitchen stuffs and many small items. The trained Movers and Packers  Gurgaon will visit on decided date to pack the rest of or belongings. One of my friends will move in the goods carrying van to keep eyes on my belongings. My plan seams right and my concerns are also apt. I will relocate safely and smoothly with my family.

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