Living green wall – A wall that comes with innumerable benefits

A wall that is completely or partially covered with plants on a base such as a substrate, water or soil as a medium, is called a living green wall. A living green wall is also called a vertical garden. These contain an in-built system for watering the plants. Such walls are gaining popularity nowadays due to their various remedial qualities.

Insulation is the major cause of rising temperatures in the urban regions. Green walls are a huge boon for such regions for their ability to absorb the solar radiation. When built in the urban environments, the plants of these walls help in reducing the overall temperature of the buildings. These walls help with exposure to greenery that has beneficial and therapeutic effects on the individuals. Such walls are also great at absorbing sounds and as a result, help in controlling sound pollution.

A living green wall makes great use of vertically available space. Such walls are particularly good for the arid regions since evaporation is considerably reduced with vertical green walls as compared to horizontal gardens. For the interiors of the buildings, these walls provide cleaner air as well as increase the visual appeal of the arena. Appropriate plants that thrive in the shade are grown in the indoors whereas plants that require sunlight to thrive are preferred for the outer green walls. Choosing the right plants to grow is also important when crafting a living green wall. Such walls are not mere showpieces. Herbs such as basil, mint, chamomile, sage, parsley and oregano, and edible plants like spinach, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, radish, and watercress are also commonly grown on such walls.

Creating a living green wall is expensive but the benefits far outnumber the expenses herein.

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