Memories Of Last Summer And Used Tractors For Sale

Last summer break, I visited my maternal uncle and learnt almost everything that one needs to learn about an agriculture tractor, including how to operate one. He had a hobby farm in which he grew his own food and to assist him with the work, he had bought two compact tractors.

It has been a year now and my uncle suddenly gave me a call, saying he wanted to sell his used compact tractors. I immediately called up the Solis service center and they let me know that there was a person who had enquired about used tractors for sale recently, and that they would let me know as soon as possible.

They called me back within an hour and said that the person, some Mr. Watterson, would be there in the center in the evening, in a week’s time. My uncle came over and in the next two days, the tractors arrived too. My neighbour was kind enough to let us accommodate one of the tractors in their backyard. About work, I took an entire week off.

Why would someone buy used compact tractors, was my first question to uncle. “Didn’t you buy a second hand car in the beginning yourself?” I replied in the affirmative and told him how I double checked everything and went on a test drive before I did. He said that he would get his compact tractors examined at the service center before having a word with the client. The next day, we went to this place where they’d put up a board saying “used tractors for sale.” They checked the compact tractors, did some minor fixing here and there, and they were as good as new after being washed.

Two days later, we met Mr. Watterson, the person who enquired about used tractors for sale. When the middle-aged farmer walked in, my uncle’s eyes lit up. He ran to the door and hugged him.

“Where have you been all these years?” He asked; he was almost crying.

Mr. Watterson turned out to be an old friend of his, who had left the village a decade ago. Since then, uncle never heard from him. Before that, they were inseparable – they went to school together and later, started a diary together.

After a quick test drive in each agriculture tractor and a little paperwork, the deal was done. The three of us went back to my place after grabbing a few beers on the way. They talked about the past, and about Mr. Watterson’s story after they left, and perhaps also about the compact tractors.

I retired to my room after an early dinner, thinking that I should give the men a little time to themselves. Since I had to go back to work from the next day, I decided to spend the last night with myself. I grabbed a chair and sat in the balcony, contemplating about my next project now, thinking of the car I wanted to buy next then, and to follow, thinking of what to wear for the corporate meet scheduled next week. It was a potentially huge deal if we manage to crack it.

Later on, I started reading the collection by Poe. After an hour or so, I was woken up by a loud laughter. I had dozed off.

Mr. Watterson was about to leave. We bid farewell to him and I finally asked uncle why he put his compact tractors for sale. He had been seeing this woman for a while now and they finally decided to get married. Since she lives in another town and has two children from her dead husband, to make things smoother for her, he made up his mind to move in with her instead. In fact, he got himself a full-time job there. He also told me told me that he intends to have another hobby farm later on when he retires.

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