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Technology is something that keeps evolving with every given day and something like mobile applications that are used by billions of people across the world tends to evolve faster than others. Last year was a great year for mobile application development frameworks as it witnessed some drastic changes in adoption by the mobile app developers community. React Native, Xamarin, and ionic were some of the frameworks that created a storm last year, and you can read more about them here.

Now coming back to the mobile application trends in 2020. This year will probably have a special place in the history courtesy of CoronaVirus and various other strange abnormalities surrounding us. Most of the trends in the mobile app development technologies can be attributed to the global pandemic as it has made people stay at home. This has made businesses and educational institutions go online in order to reach their customers and students. 

Here are the top 7 industries in mobile application development:


Ecommerce has always been the next big thing ever since its inception in the late ’90s. But, what’s different about it this year is that a lot of businesses have started embracing it as it is the safest and in many countries the only way to reach out to their customers. The financial records of the top eCommerce giants stand as a testimony for the surge in its usage.


With schools and universities closed, educators are in a situation to teach their pupils online. While online meeting apps can be used for the purpose of online classes, it falls short in many aspects as they are not primarily designed for this purpose. This is where a dedicated e-learning platform comes into play as they have the required elements to give the best experience for the students.

Cloud-Based Applications:

Cloud-based applications have been trending for the past few years; however, this year has been one of the most futile years for this technology. They have played a great role in making businesses go remote and have employees work effectively during their work from the home phase. Soft Suave is a mobile app development company that is making strides in cloud-based application development.

Healthcare Applications: 

Hospitals are not the safest place to go during a global pandemic; however, that doesn’t stop other ailments from affecting us. Telemedicine has come to the rescue of patients who are dealing with non-COVID19 as it has empowered them to be consulted by a healthcare professional from the comfort of their home itself. Healthcare applications have reduced the workload on Healthcare workers who are already working round the clock.

Entertainment Applications:

People need their entertainment, with the traditional forms of entertainment such as movies, concerts became a no-go zone, people have turned to alternatives. Online entertainment platforms like OTT and other video streaming apps. Creators and other artists have also come to terms with it and are creating exclusive content for them from their own making it a win-win situation for all of them involved.

Online Meeting Places:

Online meeting applications are designed for various purposes. Companies use them, have their business calls with their employees, and some use them to conduct webinars, common populace use it to have virtual face-to-face interaction with their loved ones. No matter what the purpose of its usage, it has been a game-changer in recent times as it helps people connect better with each other.

Artificial Intelligence:

This is a technology that has been at the forefront for a while. But, in the past few months, many service-based businesses like banks have incorporated them in their applications. The usage of artificial intelligence has enabled them to provide their customers with better service as they are not able to avail them directly.


In Spite of all the notoriety surrounding this year, it has been one of the best years for the digital world as it pushed many businesses into adopting digitization. While many organizations have embraced technology to the fullest and are planning to continue it even in the post-COVID19 world, some are still skeptical and want to go back to the old ways. We have to wait out till all the dust settles and see what the future has in store for us, till then stay home! Stay safe!

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