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If you are into the business and marketing world, you must be into corrugated plastic signs. For any business, advisement is an important tool to enhance its production and growth rate. In the competitive world, it is tough for any business to survive and reach its potential public without advertising. The corrugated plastic sign is one of the best visual communication methods.

What is corrugated plastic signs:

The Corriboard are twin wall plastic sheets made from highly viscous material; a thermoplastic polymer which gives it rigid structure and lightweight. The corrugated plastic is used for various boxing and packing purpose whereas a corrugated plastic sign is used for visual communication to convey information through graphic, signs, barcodes words etc. Most corrugated materials are of neutral ph. They have a rigid structure and can be cut and shaped with a sharp knife.


  • Lightweight: Corrugated plastic sign boards are five times lighter than plywood which makes it comfortable to move and handle at ease.
  • Efficient and cost-effective: Corrugated plastic signs are very efficient and cheap. Compared to other visual communication, these are a one-time investment, and the best way to convey information.
    Waterproof: These are waterproof and do not get affected effect by rainwater and this makes them perfect pick for outdoor promotions. Plastic corrugates are resistant to changing climate and harsh weather. They stand tall in the sun, rain and wind. As they are synthesized from plastic they do not rot and are hard to degrade.
  • UV radiation protection: Good quality corrugated plastic signs are UV protected and their colour and print quality does not get affected by sun exposure.
    These can be cut into various geometrical shapes, which makes them perfect for experimenting with different shape and size.
  • Durability: When kept indoors, these can be used to serve the long-term purpose and can exceed more than a decade without much quality loss whereas these can stand the outdoor environment for not more than 2 years without a quality loss.
  • Colour: One can get different designs and colour prints on their corrugated plastic board. From acrylic to glossy, one can display a myriad of vibrant colours on their board.
  • No required heavy maintenance: The signboards do not require heavy maintenance. Wiping off the dirt with a wet cloth will serve the purpose of cleaning.

Uses of corrugated plastic signs:

–  To advertise a special occasion or event.
 Can be used as a menu board.
–  Can be used to guiding direction and to provide essential information.
–  Can be used as a promotional signboard.

Corrugated plastic signs are cost effective and can be extremely valuable in your business visual communication.

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