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Most of us need portable audio devices for at least some part of the day either for listening to music on the go or for watching videos on a laptop or a Smartphone. Thus, portable audio listening devices like headphones have become more than a simple accessory.

These have become a necessity and more or less, our extension into the world of media. With the right pair, you may listen to your favourite piece of music during a train travel or can enjoy watching late night movie without disturbing anyone else in the home.

If you have been using earbuds that came along your phone, you may be considering an upgrade. There are so many choices present nowadays. These range from tiny in-ear models that can slip into a shirt pocket to bigger circum-aural models that let you immerse into the music. In many cases, the over the head earphone would make you look and feel like a DJ! You can also opt for wireless models that do not have anything between you and your music.

Considerations to make while choosing your headphones| Size & lifestyle

The choice of the headphones is more concerned with your lifestyle and your personal brand. A much as it is with your wallet. There are some people who like to buy different types of earphone for varied kinds of uses. One can be for working hours and another one for relaxing.

However, the lines between the two are blurring. There are so many people you will see on the streets or on the trains wearing the larger over the head earphones reserved for home use. And there are certain others who are tethered to their ear-buds round-the-clock even when they want to watch TV or movies.

Portability at its best| Smaller models of the earphones

When portability is the most important factor, go for the smaller models. Technically, all the headphones are portable. This means these are small and lightweight devices that can be tucked away in a pocket or a purse when not in use.

This also includes the earbuds that can be used with smartphones that come equipped with a microphone or in-line control for volume, skipping of tracks and connecting or disconecting of calls. The lighter and the smaller headphones provide a greater degree of comfort than their bulkier counterparts.

However, if you the sound quality are reigning supreme on your mind, then go for the larger home or studio style headphones.

Overall, one must evaluate the sound quality, design suitable for the expected use, and prefer using the wired models over the wireless for better listening. You can find a range of portable audio devices at highly reasonable rate online at Hifinage-The Auditory Sensation.

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