Residential Painting Tips For Superior Finish

Interior house painting is not an inborn talent. It is an art that you need to master. You can slowly perfect your skills as you gain more experience. We all have attempted to paint from early childhood, applying paint to any flat surface is not a very difficult task, but to do a paint job like a professional painter is a different matter altogether.

It is essential to have some in-depth knowledge of residential painting. You can search the online platform for helping guidance on interior painting jobs.

Handy tips for an interior or residential painting Melbourne project

  • Use of Tack Clothing

A tack cloth is a must-have for getting the surface walls clean before you start the painting work. This special cloth is made of beeswax and helps remove sawdust, debris and wood shavings from the wall surfaces. In case if you do not want o use tack cloth, then you may use a dampened cloth that has been squeezed of all the water. Tack cloth should not be used on large wall surfaces, you can use it for doors and wood cabinets.

  • Finest Quality Paint Roller Covers and Brushes

Cheap quality roller covers for painting purposes can leave marks, fizz or lint on the wall surfaces. And once they dry up, the walls look bumpy and uneven. The poor quality brushes also leave some brush marks. So it is always best to buy the best quality brushes and roller covers. It may be expensive but if you want a good interior painting work done. Reputed house painters in Melbourne always use superior painting products and tools to get a perfect finish.

  • Top Quality Paints

Inexpensive paints have fewer solids as compared to costly paints. Solids are needed to make good paint. For long-lasting and durable paint and finish, you have to purchase branded high-quality paints. It is no use buying cheap grade paints that will start peeling or fading away after a few months.

  • Duct Tape Testing

It may not be possible to tell whether the existing painted surface can take and hold a new paint. But, you can always do the duct tape testing to check the surface quality. By taking a fresh duct tape, you can lay the strip over the surface and rip it off. If many flakes of paint or debris come off, then you have do perform fresh scraping and sanding.

  • Using Latex Gloves

All professional painting companies provide protective latex gloves for keeping the hands clean during painting. Interior latex paints may wash off, but if it is an enamel-based paint, then cleaning it can prove to be a challenge. You can use nitrile or latex gloves to keep your hands clean and safe.

In case you do feel that the painting is not pulling off well, then you can employ the services of Prime Painting Group, one of the most dedicated residential house painters in the Melbourne area. They offer best-skilled painters, sophisticated painting equipment, and flexible schedules to suit your daily routine. Their expert tradesmen team can take on any kind of simple or complex painting project for home interiors.

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