SAP B1 and Magento Integration Touchpoints

Magento SAP Business One ERP is a great way to go about to deliver an excellent experience to your customers. It will help benefit your business in ways such as automating processes, sync of data, and timely information. You can integrate your SAP system with any of the e-commerce platforms as well.

SAP B1 and Magento Integration Touchpoints:

Customer Sync

  • Customer’s account and contact information, shipping and billing addresses will be available in the ERP.

Delivery/Shipment Sync

  • The shipment/delivery will sync back to e-commerce and update the web order status as per e-commerce.
  • The shipment tracking number generated within ERP will also be updated in e-commerce.

Invoice Sync

  • Against the online payment in e-commerce, the invoice is generated and downloaded to the ERP along with the payment information.
  • For offline payments, invoices generated in ERP will sync back to e-commerce and will also update the web order status.

Item Sync

  • Items that are already available or newly created will be synced back to the ERP as an item or article.
  • E-commerce SKU will turn to ‘item code’ in ERP.
  • After the sync, item descriptions and images will be available in ERP.
  • The item code will act as SKU.
  • All item names, descriptions, images, pricing etcetera within ERP will sync to e-commerce.

Sales Order Sync

  • The web sales order can be also added as a draft sales order or sales order in ERP.
  • Any discount coupons, applied discounts, shipping charges, and payment information will also be available in the ERP sales order.

Stock Update

  • The stock update in ERP will be seen in the web inventory of e-commerce.


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