Technology in the cancer research and treatment

One of the highest and the most frequent sources of human losses are the cancer deaths and with the technology and the advancements we have seen some of the methods for the cure but not 100%

The medical and the health care sector has been greatly influenced by the technology and the advancements that are being made and developed over the years. The medical is one of the vast fields in the world that is one of the most important and vital for the people. It largely deals with the improvements and the betterment for human beings and the technology is playing a great part in achieving what seems to be impossible over the years. The medical treatments and the tools and the technology used in treating the patient is very much improved and advanced and have been saving the lives of the people more than before.

Cancer has been one of the major cause of the deaths in the world both for the men and the woman. The science and the technology for the betterment and for the cure of cancer has been working for years and somehow the complete solution is yet to be found out. The cancer is one of those diseases that needs to be prevented on the earliest of the stages before it gets worse and too late.

For the better and improved treatment for cancer the medical innovation and the technology has been working and producing different aspects for the cure and the treatment of the term.

Talking about some of the innovations and the techniques that have been made in the treatment and research for cancer. The real time cancer diagnostics is one of the inventions that has helped in the betterment of the cancer treatment. An intelligent and surgical knife known as the iKnife that is worked by the old technology of electric current to heat tissue to make the incisions with the minimal blood loss. The iKnife makes use of the vaporize smoke to analyses it using the mass spectrometer and it detects the chemicals in the biochemical samples. This method allows the real time identification of the defected tissue and helps in making the prediction for the overall cancer purpose and detection in the body.

The modular cancer diagnosis is also one of the recent inventions in the technology terms for the treatment of cancer. Companies like foundation medicine have been creating the customized treatment plans based on the genetics and the patient’s tumor. The DNA taken from the patient tumor is them matched with the key mutation to drugs.

The multi-functional radiology is the method used to treat cancer in the upcoming time as the technology for the MRI and the radiations can be used to get the most out of the cancer research for the method of this kind.

One of the research that’s have been going on for the betterment of the cancer is the embedded and the implanting of the sensors and the chips in the human body for the detection of the cancer cells at the earliest whenever cancer starts to grow in a person. The reason for having this is because of the quick and easy capturing of the results inside the human body and getting the data on the frequent basis for the internal behavior of the person the doctors and the specialist can figure out the required measurement for the patient who which they will encounter any sort of disturbance or detection in form a cancer behavior.

The proton therapy is one of the effective and the most used in the treatment of cancer. This is achieved through the radiations therapy that has been possible with the advanced technology in the medical field. This means of measurement is more effective and precise that the traditional way of radiation.

The stem cell transplant is one of the best way to treat the cancer. There are certain types of cancers that respond to the best possible way with the chemotherapy. This destroys the stem cells and the stops the production of the red blood cells. A high dose of stem cells allows the doctors to overcome and kill more cancerous cells in the human body.

The hyperthermia is a controlled amount of high heat for the killing of the cancer cells. This is one of the frequent use of method in the treatment for the cancer in humans.

There have been so many methods developed over the years for the treatment of the cancer, many are having good and effective results but still the guaranteed and the best possible thing is about to be made and developed. The time will surely bring new methods that will be effective and more beneficial in the field of medical.

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