Things to know about the “Chess Master” game

The chess game has never been considered as an obsolete option in the society, but, it is true that it has gone through several changes in the past few years. Though, understanding the principles of chess is not an easy task, but, you will feel exciting while completing the challenges. It is one of the most wonderful games ever, which is being played with a lot of excitements and enthusiasm.

Things to know about the “Chess Master” game

Amidst these scenarios, Chess Master is a popular game, which is now emerging in every nook and corner of the world. At the beginning of the game, the chessboard will be laid in front of the competitors. Later, the chess pieces are masterminded by the players, and the competition begins. Unlike the previous versions, Chess Master has been through huge iterations throughout the year, and the 10th version is full of new features and extra lessons.

Ubisoft has already hit the market with its excellent graphics designs and varieties in the game, but, now, things are quite different and innovative, and you will surely love it. It is not surprising that you cannot get over the chess game, and this is the reason why developers are thinking out of the box.

New features of “Chess Master”

Anyone who has already played 8000 to 9000 versionsof Chess Master Game can easily identify the changes. The new application has better designs, solid colours, 3D featured board, and you will get best viewing angels for the pieces. Moreover, the board can now rotate exactly in the way you want, and multiple window option is also available.

Though, the structure of the new version remains unchanged, but, many creative things are added, which are probably the best until now. Another best thing about the game is the difficulty range has been increased to a great level, and each one is being presented by some character, individual attributes as well as game styles.

  • GUI is used to navigate through the game.
  • Read/write option in PGN format.
  • Beautiful and attractive chess pieces.
  • Customised board colour.
  • Engine GUI optionthat can configure setup autoplay and external engines.
  • Plot interactive graphs of the positional evaluations.
  • Flips board in between the black and white perspective.
  • Training mode and learn mode to teach you.
  • Fun modes again give you chess puzzles to comprehend.
  • 25 types of AI opponent.
  • Defeat opponent as well as improvements in the ranking.

How to download?

You can download it from the Google Play Store. New edition is available now!

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