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Headphones and earphones are things that are used on daily basis with our music players and Smartphones. However, have we ever imagined if our pair of headphones or earphones can do their job in the best way? Read on further to get some tips to select and ‘buy earphones near me’ that would make a great purchase!


The most important factor to consider while selecting your ear earphone is the type of usage. There are many kinds of headphones available in the market. Some of them are meant for use indoors while others should be used outdoors.

If you use the headphones while travelling, you should look for the ones with noise cancelling features. This helps in blocking the external noise and let you enjoy the music sans any disturbance. Those who are fitness enthusiasts can opt for headphones having the water and sweat resistant feature.

If you want to use your headphones for watching TV at night, you should opt for wireless headphones. These let you choose a comfortable or a favourite position during the time you are watching your favourite movie. For playing games or watching movies, one can opt for headphones with stereo surround for getting an immersive experience.

Music type

Earphones and headphones have varied levels of impedance. In simple words, impedance is the amount of power needed to draw a pair of headphones. Earphones with low impedance levels need less power to drive. Thus, these can be sued with source devices having a weaker amplification. Like portable media and Smartphones. These would blow out if an excessive amplification is delivered to them.

Headphone with high impedance needs a greater amplification to drive them and render powerful output. Therefore, one must check the impedance level of the headphone prior to buying it.

Moreover, this should be done keeping in mind one’s source device. Low impedance implies values of less than 150 ohms while high impedance pertains to values greater than 500 ohms. Most of the media players and Smartphones have been designed for supporting impedance levels up to 800 ohms. Therefore, generally, impedance is not an issue for using with the source devices.


Those who want to listen to music using earphones for a longer duration of time must choose the ones with good fitting and padding. The in-ear headphones are ideal devices for travellers while the over the ear headphones can distribute sound equally and evenly.

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