Visit Ezega And Get Latest Updates On National, International News And Entertainment is the premier Ethiopian portal that provides the Ethiopian community at home and abroad online tools necessary for business, news, entertainment such as Ethiopian Drama, Ethiopian Comedy, etc. is the premier Ethiopian portal that provides the Ethiopian community at home and abroad online tools necessary for business, news, entertainment such as Ethiopian Drama, Ethiopian Comedy, etc., and social networking. The portal posts latest national and international news, Ethiopian jobs, real estate, classifieds and business directory. Their classifieds section allows their users to select Ethiopian related merchandise for sale.

New Ethiopian music has over 80 languages and ethnic groups. It is also as diverse as its cultures and languages. Some of the popular Ethiopia music categories are Tigrigna music, Amharic music, Oromo music, Ethiopian Reggae, Guragigna music, Ethiopian hip hop, Gospel music, Somali music, Ethiopian instrumental, and Eritrean music.

Neighbouring countries music is also of great interest to Ethiopians, especially Sudanese music and Eritrean music. Western music has also been popular for decades in Ethiopia music scene. In fact, young Ethiopian music artists have started blending Ethiopia music with western music to create a hybrid Western-Ethiopian music. Examples are Ethiopian Jazz music, Ethiopian Reggae music, and Ethiopian Rap music. is a highly interactive site. User can register for any one of services instantly. Registered users can post their own job ads, classifieds, and real estate for sale or rent. Registered users can also use the community section to network with other members to create groups, send greeting cards, watch hundreds of videos, chat, discuss, post blogs and pictures, and much more.

About was founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley, California, USA, to provide these online services to the Ethiopian community at home and abroad. It has offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Their primary goal is to satisfy users and always work hard to provide useful information. They also strive to improve their services continuously and provide the best possible solutions to valued customers.

Explore variety of entertaining and latest national/international music videos and events at  If you have any suggestions or comments, fill and submit the feedback form available at their official website.

Address – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and San Fransisco, California, USA

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