Weekly Rental Tokyo| planning your visit to the land of Cherry Blossoms and making the most of it

Japan not only presents you with a cultural challenge but the Land of Rising Sun also has a reputation for being notoriously expensive. The country is known of its beautiful cherry blossoms and eloquent sights in the National Parks and boasts of the glorious Mount Fuji.

If you want to come across people who respect each other’s personal space and freedom even in public places, Japan is a country where you can learn a lot. Coming to the fact that you are looking for a Weekly Rental in Tokyo during your vacation or a business trip, you need tips to make the most of your budget. Otherwise, you may end up losing a large deal of your monthly pay-check.

If you are looking forward to studio apartment located close to a railway and subway station in Tokyo, you can expect to pay at the rate of ¥730 per month for a 30 sqm flat. The prices vary as per the neighbourhood, closeness to railway station, square meterage, and other factors. Properties can be classified into various categories like:

  1. Guest-houses: These include private beds in shared rooms, kitchens, showers, and toilets.
  2. Share houses: These include private rooms having beds, shared kitchen, common space, toilets, and showers.
  3. Apartments: Here you will find private rooms with beds, kitchen, shower, and toilet. Most apartments also have a living room.
  4. Apartment hotels: These can include private or serviced room with a bed, a small living room area, kitchenette, shower, and toilet.

You can find the bare essentials like futon/bed, sheets, iron and ironing board in guest houses and shared accommodations. The apartment hotel rooms are fully furnished. However, you can check with the provider about what is included and what you need to arrange yourself.

If you have to buy some appliances, it is better to buy from recycle shops or use the seasonal campaigns of the retailers.
In rentals for holidays for a week, you can enjoy with a full kitchen, private outdoor areas, and an extra living space. These places are located in the midst of the local Japanese culture, so you can get the feel of the place all the while.

Special Tip

Learning to give the three types of Japanese bows that is the ‘greeting bow’, the ‘respect bow’ and the ‘highest respect’ bow and getting acquainted with the local etiquette would make you enjoy the place in the best way. This beautiful place has a clean culture of respecting each other’s time and space.

You can learn more about weekly rental in Tokyo and get tips for a great vacation in the country by visiting My Tokyo Home.


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