What According To Medical Science Causes Depression In Patients?

Supposed to be a mental illness as per medical science, depression is a common and serious mental disorder that has great negative impact on the mind. Of course, numbers of causes or reasons in our day to day life affect the way we think and has direct link with occurrence of depression. As an instance, loss of some dear one, financial troubles, loss of job, prolonged illness and breakup with your loved one such as divorce etc. may have negative impact on your mental health. This in turn may surely lead to depressed mental state. But most people wonder what changes do take place in the brain that leaves such negative effect on the mental as well as physical health of the patient. Let us now try to understand the same briefly in the current article.

Chiefly, it is the chemical imbalance in the brain that has a major role to play in depression occurrence in the patients. It is an evident fact that there are billions of chemicals in the brain that are present inside as well as outside of the nerves present in the brain. When there is imbalance in any of the chemicals in the brain then the symptoms of depression start appearing. Also brain is the centre of emotions of the human beings. Various types of emotions experienced by us have a direct impact on the brain. That is why we start feeling stressed and depressed upon hearing or looking at something sad or that is full of grief.

Even the structures of the brain have an important role to play in depression. Those who remain depressed are reportedly known to have lesser growth of nerves in their brain. This in turn may interfere with the normal process of exchange of nerve cell connections and hence exchange of information in the brain. That is why depressed people lack normal memory and concentration. Also they may suffer from other problems in their brain functions.

Mood swings present in the depression patients are also regulated as well as affected significantly by the chemicals present in the brain. When imbalance occurs in the chemicals present in the brain, problem of mood swings and irritability in the behavior starts appearing in the patient. Likewise, other symptoms of depression also start appearing due to such chemical imbalance.

Apart from the chemical imbalance and nerve connections, genes also have a major role to play in depression occurrence. Transmittance of faulty genes from parents to off springs also increases the chances of occurrence of depression in such people where this problem is present in the members of the same family.

Numbers of factors are there that may combined lead to the problem of depression in any person. In the brain, the overall functions are also affected by multitude of factors. Thus holistic treatment approach such as Ramdev medicine for depression needs to be opted for by the patients to overcome this problem in a better manner.

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