What TSC Direct Considers a Clean Driving Record?

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance like you’ll find at TSC Direct, one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal is with a pristine driving record. But what constitutes a clean driving record? Is your driving record exemplary if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket two years ago? What do employers mean when they’re looking for employees with a clean driving record? The below article will answer all your questions, while defining the term “clean driving record.”

A person with a clean driving record is typically free of moving violations, accidents or points. However, some employers and insurance companies such as TSC Direct may have a different set of guidelines such as never having a claim.

An employer may also overlook minor misdemeanors such as a solitary speeding ticket that may have occurred two or three years ago. The speed at which an employee has exceeded over the set limit may also come into play and prove problematic for some and not for others.

You’ll also find some insurance companies who will overlook minor violations, especially if you’ve only had one or two infractions.

Don’t Lie

You’ve probably had some type of blemish such as a moving violation that may dampen your clean driving record. While you may feel like putting the misdeeds behind you, don’t lie. When filling out an employment or insurance application it’s best to be honest about your past.

A minor moving violation may not be enough to disqualify you from a great job or enjoying cheap insurance rates. However, lying could hinder your chances as they have the resources to pull previous court records dating back seven years through the CLUE report.

What Will a Speeding Ticket Do to My Clean Driving Record?

The policies set by an insurance company may vary when it comes to a clean driving record. If you have a solitary speeding ticket, this should remain intact, unless the excessive speed is tied to criminal activity.

Insurance companies such as TSC Direct and employers typically want a candidate with a pristine history and no serious previous violations. If you’re driving history has been reckless, you’ve endangered others and made costly claims, this could prove problematic. But if you have minor offenses, your chance of damaging your clean driving record is unlikely.

Employers and insurance agencies vary and some may find that a single violation is enough to harm your clean driving history.

Tips to Remove Points

Points can also hinder your clean driving record. But you can remove them by visiting your local DMV. Dependent on the facility, you may need to register for defensive driving classes or pay a fine, but the incident may still show up on your driving history.

Final Notes

The term clean driving record is totally dependent on your insurance provider or employer as they have a different set of guidelines.

While some may require no violations or accidents, others will be fine if you’re driving history has been clean for the past seven years. Some insurance companies will take into account you’re a clean accident history and no points.

To determine where you stand with your own clean driving record, its best to speak with an insurance provider such as TSC Direct or your employer

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