WhatsApp has officially added amazing stickers-Learn the ways here how to use it!

WhatsApp has officially added amazing stickers-Learn the ways here how to use it!

WhatsApp has come a long way from being called as a simple chatting platform to today as a supporting device to transfer files, videos, and images. This chat application has given tough competition to competitors in the marketplace and has successfully fulfilled all the desires of the customer. No doubt, people cannot even think of a day without using WhatsApp today, and this is the reason why developers are adding new features to the App.
Moreover, it is a great source to engage customers with fun and happiness and to communicate with their loved ones. Amidst these scenarios, one of the recent additions is the Sticker Pack, which is alluring the eyes of every individual in every nook and corner of the world. The introductions of eye-catching stickers have blown away the mind of users to a great extent.
The featured sticker started to roll out in the past week, and today, it is available both for Android and iOS users. Isn’t it great? The sole purpose of introducing this concept was to engage some users into the trend, and the successfully, the target was achieved. You might be thinking what the need of using the stickers is. Isn’t it? Have a look at the below points!

Important of using the stickers in WhatsApp

Stickers are nowadays trending across the globe, which further helps a person to share their emotions and feeling instead of writing heavy and long sentences. You might have realized the importance of using stickers earlier in Hike and Snapchat before it comes to the WhatsApp. What were your reasons behind this? The kind of chatting people are doing today has lots of sentiments attached to it.
So, a unique sticker can help a person to avoid writing the texts and increases excitement to a next level. Emojis and stickers are considered an innovative trend in today’s date, which make the conversation more funny and interactive. It is of no surprise that images and funny stickers attract a person more towards a conversation other than reading the long passages or lines in the chat section. Isn’t it true?
Thus, the CEO of WhatsApp has recently launched this concept and added trendy stickers in the application. One sticker is enough to start or end the conversation. Apart from the casual chats with friends, you can also initiate a funny or serious conversation with your friends and relatives. Stickers can easily turn the table in your favour and will convert the daily casual and boring chats towards some interesting and funny contains.
The best part of the WhatsApp stickers can be realized during the festival times. Nowadays, nobody likes to send the forward message, and typing everything on the chat sections is one of the most daunting tasks ever. So, the colourful stickers can help you to wish your favourite people innovatively on the festive events. Moreover, it saves much of your time and patience.

How to add the stickers to your WhatsApp?

Step 1
Before you delve deep into the analysis, update the WhatsApp from the Apple App store or Google Play Store.
Step 2
Go to the app store and search for the WhatsApp. Click on the update option and wait for a while.
Step 3
After doing this, move to the WhatsApp, and open any chat conversation.
Step 4
The size of the updated is near about 30MB, so don’t worry about the time. Click on the chat section and move to the bottom.
Step 5
There, you will find an option called stickers along with the GIFs and Emojis.
Step 6
Tap on the stickers, and send your favourite stickers to your loved ones.

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